Myron Leroy (Roy) Root

Born on the Kansas plains, Roy had an early fascination with mechanical things. Like his brothers before him, he chose to become a Free Methodist minister.

In his early twenties, Roy met and married Lou Della Walker. In due time, their first son, Burton Titus Root, was born. Before Burton turned two, Roy and Della embarked on an historic journey from the raw plains of Kansas to the city of Spokane. Traveling in a 1909 REO Runabout, they were the first people to drive a car from the east to the city of Spokane. Many years later, Roy & Della wrote their impressions of the journey. Go here to read their memoir.

Roy and Della had a large family. After Burton, 6 more sons were born and one daughter. One son died at birth.

  1. Burton Titus, born: March 31, 1908 died:
  2. Paul Leroy, born: April 19, 1910 died:
  3. Nellie Lois, born: January 20, 1912
  4. Eldon Adelbert, born: March 14, 1913 died:
  5. Elmer William, Born: August 12, 1914
  6. Infant Son - died at birth: September 8, 1917
  7. Merle Wesley, born November 12, 1921
  8. Myron Laverne, born: April 26, 1926

50th Wedding Anniversary

Roy & Della's Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration - 1957

Seated, L-R: Roy, Della. Standing, L-R: Burton, Lois, Paul, Eldon, Elmer, Merle, Myron (Mike)

Roy's Family

Roy Root - 1906


Myron Leroy (Roy) Root - circa 1906


Roy & Della 1907

Roy & Della Root - Wedding Day 1907

Roy & Della's Kids

Front Row L-R: Lois, Elmer, Eldon; Back Row L-R: Burton, Paul

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